Gospel to the Ends of the Earth

Universal Church Ministries

"I have known and worked with Pastor Santhosh Desabattula and his Brothers, since 2000. They are active and producing fruits in the ministries of  Church planting, Bible Schools, Orphanage's and Sewing training institutes in India. I recommend this ministries to visit, pray and support". 

Pastor  Dennis Balcombe,

Revival Christian Church, Hong kong, Asia.

"On behalf of Riverside Ministries, I would like to endorse this ministry in India as one of the most powerful and established works in India. I have been to India several times and never been disappointed with the opportunities and assistance that I have received from Bishop Santhosh and his family. I heartily support them in character as well as their passion for soul winning and church planting. Through Christ alone".

Bishop William Hieb,


"It is a great honor for us to be associated with Dr. Desabattula and UCM. They are impacting not only Andhra Pradesh, but the entire nation of India. We look forward to continuing our partnership with one of the most anointed and visionary ministries in the world".

Pastor Chad Honaker,

Dominion Church, Willard, Ohio, USA.

"It is an honor and privilege to have met and known Pastor Santhosh, his family and Universal Church Ministries, India in 1994.  We have close relationship with them for the past 16 years and have seen the tremendous work grow so rapidly.  A ministry that cares for the lost.  UCM deserves our prayer and financial support so that the gospel of Jesus Christ can be preached and many souls can be saved as we live in the last days".

Rev. Kenneth Teo,

Bethel Worship Center, Texas, USA.

"Having worked with Bishop Santhosh for well over a decade, and seeing firsthand the mighty works for Christ that he and his family have built and continue to build on the ground in India, I cannot stress enough the importance of our continued prayerful and financial support for UCM.  The Desabatulla family is a precious gem in God's Kingdom, and I am honored that they have been such an integral part of our global fellowships".

Bishop Thomas Marino,


"I have prayerfully supported UCM for about five years, and in 2009 I had the opportunity to visit the ministry and preach the gospel. I was able to see many aspects of the gospel work during my trip, and I was impressed by the fruit of this ministry's labor among the unreached people. The ministry is run with integrity and the gospel work is ongoing and productive. I continue to support the ministry prayerfully and hope to return in 2012 again to minister and fellowship with the saints there". 

Eva  Michael Merz,

Columbus, OH, USA.

"I consider Pastor Santhosh Desabattula to be a “good friend.”   He is a man of great integrity and if a book were written about his life and ministry it would be titled, “The Man Who did so Much with So Little”   He and his family are truly men of vision and faith.  In all of my travels I have never seen a ministry accomplish so much with so little.  When he is asked how he did it his response is:    “Like Peter who, by faith, got out of the boat and walked on water towards Jesus …we by faith walk on water! The water is the truth of His word …we by faith on walk on His Word. You need to visit him to really get the full impact of the extent of the ministry".  

Pastor Patrick Kleitz,

Crossroads Christian Church,

Elma, New York, USA.

"It is my privilege to commend Santhosh Desabattula and his ministry. I have worked with him at various times over the last 15 years or more, both in America and in India. He has raised up a great ministry that is reaching people for Christ as well as training up leaders for the church. In addition, he is involved in humanitarian work, helping people in need. I bear witness to his faithfulness and passion to serve the Lord and extend the Kingdom".

Alan Langstaff,

Apostolic Overseer,

Omega Team, MN, USA.

"I have known and worked with Bishop Santhosh Desabattula for many years and have personally witnessed his faithfulness in the ministry while enduring many hardships and persecutions. This is a man of God who understands the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings. Like Paul he bears the marks of Christ on his body.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit two regional training centers have emerged from previously barren wilderness places.  Multitudes of people continue to be healed, delivered, and saved from village to village; some thirty, sixty, and a hundredfold. Our partnership will continue until Jesus returns and lifts the church out of the world".

Dr. Michael D. Gross,


 5-Fold Global Ministries, VA, USA.

"Bishop Santhosh Desabattula is a wonderful man of God and good friend.  His ministry has had a powerful and profound impact on India for the Gospel.  His passion is to train up the body of Christ for the work of the ministry and to care for the hurting is evident throughout his ministry.  This he does with great compassion, integrity and humility.   I have ministered with him in India and seen first hand the fruit of his labor.  He has stayed at our home in the USA and my wife and I enjoyed him immensely.  I wholeheartedly endorse his ministry". 

Bishop Thomas Fox,


"Bishop Santhosh and his family are faithful servants of Jesus Christ in a land, which is in desperate need of the God’s living word. I have been to India to work with Santhosh many times and he has a real ministry to real people. He has a vision to reach the villages and train pastors to go where no one else is going. He has orphanages where children are treated with dignity and given an education and a vocation so they can escape the endless cycle of poverty. He helps women learn to sew, so they can have a chance in life. I was very impressed that Santhosh knows the names of the orphans and he knows their stories individually. He is a doer of the word".

Dr. Robert L. Swanger

River Community Church,

Delaware, Ohio, USA.